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Want to add the « 6 Days » to your list of sporting achievements, but logistics are a nightmare for you?
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Racing Services & Bikes Rental


KTM offers to all KTM riders a complete assistance service (logistic, parts, tools, etc.) managed by their skilled staff, KTM Support Team, as well as the possibility to rent the new KTM 350 EXC-F SIX DAYS model (4 strokes)*.

*Rental service for KTM motorcycles is exclusively managed by KTM Group


Six Days Husqvarna Race Service offers to all Husqvarna customers a full package (logistic, parts, tools, etc.) including the access to the Husqvarna Race Service Stations as well as and the possibility to rent a HUSQVARNA model year 2024, 2 strokes TE 300.

*Rental service for Husqvarna motorcycles is exclusively managed by KTM Group


As GASGAS go 6 Days racing in 2023, get on the gas and benefit from a full support of the company, not limited to the Racing Service but also the Rental Service. It is your turn to get armed with the GASGAS model 2024,
EC-F (4 strokes).

*Rental service for GASGAS motorcycles is exclusively managed by KTM Group


Once again for 2023, Sherco is strengthening its commitment to the international enduro race which is one of the most important events of the year. Sherco are offering their customers two possibilities to be able to participate in the 2023 ISDE in Argentina:

  • The rental of a motorcycle from the SHERCO range
  • Full Factory Assistance and Support

*Rental service for Sherco motorcycles is exclusively managed by Sherco


Rieju Factory Racing is back with a bang at the biggest international enduro event. Riders will be offered the option of renting factory and/or assistance models. The rented bikes will be MR SIXDAYS ARGENTINA fully equipped and ready to race, available in both 250cc and 300cc. The full support service is managed by the same team that supports the factory riders in the World Championship.

Registrations at

*Rental service for Rieju motorcycles is exclusively managed by Rieju


JOLLY Racing, the well-known preparator and top international enduro team with an impressive record of nineteen Enduro World Champion titles, aims to share its expertise and experience with all riders through a comprehensive “multi-brand” racing service offering.

The key distinction of JOLLY Racing’s services, apart from the welcoming and professional family-like environment, is the ability to bring together riders with different motorcycle makes under one roof.

JOLLY Racing provides a range of services, including rental options and complete assistance, ensuring that riders receive comprehensive support.

*JOLLY Racing multi-brand service restrictions:
Rental offer excludes BETA, GASGAS, Husqvarna, KTM, Rieju and Sherco enduro motorcycles.
Assistance service offer excludes riders equipped with BETA, Rieju, Sherco enduro motorcycles.