Just like with any international sporting event featuring many hundreds of competitors, the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) relies heavily on passionate, knowledgeable volunteers. 

One such volunteer at the ninety-fifth ISDE is fifty-four-year-old Italian, Enrico Busaschetto. 

Enrico is one of the founders of Moto Club Alfieri (one of the main clubs in Pavia running the event). His job at the 2021 ISDE is mainly to take care of the parc ferme and start area, with particular attention given to the bikes in the holding area. 

This means controlling the riders coming into the parc ferme, confirming where they park the bikes each afternoon, making sure they are in correct order and safely spaced apart, and managing their entry and exit from the parc ferme. 

“I am one of almost one hundred people working at the ISDE,” explains Enrico. “Our team is working together for many years, mainly we do it for the passion and not the money. We are so proud to contribute to the ISDE and make this big event happen and it has been a lot of work to arrive here.” 

“There is a lot of personal satisfaction, but there is a great strength in our team. Especially when you work in races this big, the team must work together.”

Does Enrico ride bikes himself? “Yes, yes, of course. I used to race when I was young, but now I just do it for fun and I work more for the club now. Enduro is my passion.”