Paddock: The Intermarché shopping centre’s 24-hour petrol station is located 300 m from the entrance of the Paddock. The other accessible petrol station is located 2km away.

Course: Petrol stations are available on the assistance route, generally near each time control with refuelling (Time Check Service).


A washing area for motorbikes and light vehicles is available 300 m from the entrance of the Paddock near the Intermarché shopping centre.


The refreshment stands in the paddock and on the stages offer drinks and sandwiches.

Paddock catering service reserved for teams entered in the competition:
Teams entered in the competition can have access to the catering service in the paddock offering breakfasts, full meals for lunch and dinner as well as lunch baskets (only for the first 5 days of the competition) from the opening of the paddock on Tuesday August 23rd until the end of the competition on Saturday September 3rd (no lunch baskets available for this day).

Please note that this service is only available for groups with a global demand over several days, this service is not available à la carte (for a particular day and/or for individual needs).

Teams who require this service must express their needs in written form to no later than June 1st 2022.


Reserved for groups of 8 people or more

Do you wish to make your partners, clients or relatives experience the highlights of the event in a privileged setting.

We offer 3 packages:

  • Opening Ceremony evening
  • At the heart of the 6 Days
  • The Last Day

For more information


Service reserved for the teams involved.

The organiser does not offer sea freight for the 2022 edition.
The closest port to the paddock is Marseille, 294 km from the paddock.

On the paddock site, the organiser offers the following services:

  • Truck crane for the unloading/loading of containers.
  • Container rental.

Teams who might be interested are invited to contact

The organiser will put you in touch with the service provider to whom the teams will have to pay directly for the service ordered.


In order to find the ideal accommodation solution according to your needs and budget, visit the dedicated website and contact the official Tour Operator appointed by the organisation:


In progress

We will soon offer solutions for cars, vans and electric bicycles rental.