It is called Six Days – One Night and it is the first event on the build-up to the 95th FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE).

While the engine of the organisation is already running at full speed, the hottest phase of the countdown towards the 2020 ISDE has begun.

In this long journey towards the start date of the event, which will take place from 31 August to 5 September between Lombardy and Piedmont, the organising committee has scheduled a series of events that will allow you to enter into the ISDE spirit well in advance: the opening event will be the Six Days One – Night evening set for Thursday 20 February at Ciapa La Moto in Milan.

The riders who wore the Italian blue shirt at the last ISDE in Portugal have already guaranteed their presence on the evening – those being Matteo Cavallo, Davide Guarneri, Rudy Moroni, Thomas Oldrati and Enrico Zilli. They will be joined by the legendary Giovanni Sala, Stefano Passeri and Mario Rinaldi who, after taking the enduro tri-colour medal collection with their long trail of successes, after they once again dominated by winning the Vintage Trophy at the ISDE in Portimão last year.

The complete line ups of the strongest teams in the World are expected, such as Beta Boano, Honda Racing RedMoto World Enduro Team and Sherco CH Racing, and there will also be two of the most decorated riders in the history of enduro namely Pierluigi Rottigni and Tullio Pellegrinelli. On his return from the Africa Eco Race will be the special guest Nicola Dutto, plus other important guests who will confirm their attendance in the coming days.

During the evening, members of the organising committee, Giorgio Bandoli, Edoardo Zucca and Valter Carbone, will reveal the first technical details of the 2020 FIM ISDE in Italy.

Finally, in what will be a first, the initial information will be provided on the 6 DAYS ADVENTURE raid, a tourist event that will take place in conjunction with the 95th International Six Days of Enduro with the start and finish of each stage from the same paddock at Rivanazzano Terme PV.

This is an appointment not to be missed, the Six Days – One Night awaits you on Thursday 20 February 2020 at 20:00 – Ciapa La Moto in Via Gardone 22 Milan.