This year’s Junior World Trophy category in the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) is currently led by Italy. Of their three young riders, Enrico Rinaldi (GASGAS), is pushing hard to realise his dream of winning on the world stage.

A name synonymous with Enduro, Enrico is the son of Mario Rinaldi, the four-time Enduro World Champion and four-time winner of the FIM ISDE with Italy.

While Mario has certainly left his legacy in this sport, Enrico is very much in the early stages of his young career. His fourth time participating in the FIM ISDE, it is his first selection as a member of the Italian Trophy team.

“This is my fourth FIM ISDE, but my first time selected on the Trophy team for Italy,” says Rinaldi. “It is quite an honour to put on the national jersey and race for my country. I hope to do them proud.

“So far things are going good. We are leading the Junior World Trophy class and although there is still a long way to go, we are working well together as a team.”

Although most certainly forging his own path in Enduro, it is hard to ignore his family’s legacy. So how has his father Mario felt about this moment in Enrico’s racing career?

“He’s proud, I think!” smiles Enrico. “I think he was very excited when I was selected to race with Italy.

“Of course, it is a difficult name to carry, but my Dad doesn’t put any pressure or expectation on my shoulders. He’s just happy for me to do my best and enjoy the experience.”