Airoh is the company 100% passionate about motorcycle helmets!

Thanks to a wealth of respect that includes the best technical expertise, an excellent know-how and the experience gained through years of hard and dedicated work, Antonio Locatelli, the company’s founder, manages AIROH since 1997.

The company is specialised in designing and producing high quality helmets. The products are designed and built down to the smallest detail, and they are instantly recognisable by their unique and superior features that are: SAFETY that comes first in the brand’s priority range, LIGHTNESS, DESIGN, RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT, INNOVATION.

Locatelli Airoh S.p.A. today is operating in 80 countries around the world, establishing itself on the market as a truly international reality. It is a successful brand! From 20 years, It’s sponsor of the best world champions riders winning 103 world titles!

AIROH since its start is very involved in Enduro and wished to be associated to one of the oldest and biggest offroad race worldwide.

Thanks to important and significant collaboration with FIM 6 Days, AIROH can meet and share its passion with its clients coming from more than 30 countries (lien vers INFORMATION / Racing Services / AIROH Racing Service).

AIROH is proud to deliver them a high quality racing service on the field of the event.

And to celebrate each edition, AIROH is developing a limited and numbered 6 DAYS Aviator 3’s edition.

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