The FIM International Six Day’s Enduro (ISDE) is the longest running off-road motorcycle competition in the world. Now enjoying its ninety-seventh edition in San Juan, Argentina, it boasts over one hundred years of heritage. With the FIM Ride Green sustainability measures, the goal is for the 6DAYS® to continue enjoying another one hundred years and more.

From start to finish of every 6DAYS®, the FIM Ride Green is at the forefront of the race. This ensures the least amount of disturbance to the event’s environmental surroundings. Here in San Juan, many measures are taken to reduce the footprint left by those who are both competing, and members of the teams involved.

Prior to a wheel being turned in anger on the opening day of racing, all machines undergo noise testing. Only those who meet the allowed limits can start the race. At any time during the six days of racing where a machine suffers an exhaust failure, competitors must quickly rectify the problem and retest their bikes in order to continue in the 6DAYS®.

In addition to that, machines are parked on a protective environmental mat during servicing, refuelling, and in the end-of-day parc ferme. In the paddock areas, there are clearly marked Ride Green containers for waste removal. Ranging from waste oils, to tyres, rags and food waste all are separated and managed daily before being carefully disposed of by a specialised company.

Protecting biodiversity is of the utmost importance to the 6DAYS®. The course itself has undergone many months of careful planning. Organisers coordinate with local authorities to highlight any protected areas through which each of the daily routes may pass.

Designated spectator areas are included in the route and special test to minimise footfall in any sensitive areas of the event too. Post event sees numerous actions carried out to restore any altered soils that may result from racing.

Through these carefully curated measures of the FIM Ride Green initiative, the 6DAYS® can continue to operate long into the future and be enjoyed by many more generations of riders to come.