Since 2012, more than 15,000 riders have changed their attitude towards tire changing thanks to the RABACONDA tire change tools. Today, RABACONDA is changing riders’ lives all around the world, 3 minutes at a time.

During this year’s ISDE in Italy, RABACONDA will provide again a number of services:

  • Free training session with the Rabaconda tire changer. Only 3 minutes to change a tire;
  • Rental service for the Rabaconda Tire Changer: 70€
  • Special deal for ISDE riders: 349€  315€
  • New product demos:
    • Minibike Tire Changer (50cc-85cc)
    • Street Bike Tire Changer

Drop by RABACONDA booth at the ISDE paddock on any day before the race to polish your skills on the world’s fastest tire changer.