Organising an event like the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) is a mammoth task. With lots happening in the lead up to the event and during the race itself, it takes a small army of mostly local volunteers to make it all work.

From the simple daily tasks of manning and taping special tests, directing traffic, or managing the race paddock logistics, there is always lots to be done.

However, some jobs are cooler than others and Julien Gauthier might just have the best job going.

The Frenchman is responsible for opening the course each day of the FIM ISDE, meaning he basically rides all two hundred plus kilometres of trail and five special tests to ensure everything is correct and in order ahead of the competitors.

It’s likely he will ride over one thousand kilometres this week in France. And while that sounds incredibly fun, it is also majorly important at the same time.

With Gauthier riding the course hours in advance of competitors, he can ensure that all course marking is intact and all track markers are pointing in the correct direction. Any slip up could prove disastrous if riders venture off track. He also rides the special tests to check taping is in order and the timing systems are working without issue.

Gauthier helps ensure a smooth running of the FIM ISDE and that all competitors from the thirty-two nations present are assured a great week of racing.