Australian Women’s World Trophy team rider Jess Gardiner is one of the most experienced competitors at this year’s FIM International Six Day’s Enduro (ISDE). A proud Aussie that has put on the gold and green national jersey on many occasions, Jess is also one of a handful of competitors who raced in San Juan back in 2014.

It’s great to be back in Argentina,” enthused Jess at the start of day one. “I’ve got some great memories from back in 2014 and it’s great to be back racing for Australia again, back with friends, and here with competitors that I only see at the ISDE. Australia has had a great run over the years, and we hold the most wins in the Women’s World Trophy competition, and we hope we can add to that this year.

Although it was nine years ago, it certainly doesn’t feel like it was that long since we were in San Juan. Back in 2014 it was Taylor Jones, Jemma Wilson and me in the team, we had a great week and got the win. This year Taylor and I are racing together again, with Danielle McDonald – a fast, young racer.

I feel like we have a really strong team, and conditions that I think will suit us, but we know getting a winning result won’t come easy. Team USA have a strong squad, so we know they’ll be every bit as fired up to do well as we are, so there should be some great battles this week.

I’d say that although it’s dry, the terrain here is going to be different to what a lot of riders are used to. It’s rocky, it’s going to be super dry, and hot too, and with three hundred plus riders it’s going to get super rough and be very difficult. Each day it’ll get tougher and tougher.

We really want to win again, which would be amazing for me. If I can say that I raced in Argentina twice, nine years apart, and won on both occasions, I’ll be very happy.”