Take advantage of our sponsors special offers and access the professional racing services that will make your race easier.
Experience the 6 DAYS even more deeply thanks to these exceptional offers.

Want to add the « 6 Days » to your list of sporting achievements, but logistics are a nightmare for you?
Check out the manufacturers’ offers for assistance and rental and contact them directly. Reliability and quality guaranteed.

Racing Services & Bikes Rental

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In partnership with OX Moto, Betamotor provides a full racing service to all BETA riders: bike rental, assistance and spare parts. The complete Betamotor RR range is available, including the BETA RR 2023 – OX Moto “6 Days limited edition” (2-stroke and 4-stroke) with a special deco kit.

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HONDA RED MOTO – Racing Time offers not only a rental service for the CRF 250RX / 300RX / 400RX / 450RX Enduro models, but also an official racing service for a reliable ISDE race, allowing enduro riders to concentrate on riding and having fun. This service is managed by experienced professionals who have been involved in the FIM Enduro World Championship and the Italian National Championship for several years.

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Since 2021, SHERCO is back in force at the world’s most important enduro event with a customer competition service managed directly by the factory. This means that riders can both rent factory models and have access to a complete assistance service.
The 2023 models offered are fully equipped in race configuration for the most demanding enduro competition in the world and available in 2-stroke (125 SE, 250 SE, 300 SE) or 4-stroke (250 SEF, 300 SEF, 450 SEF).
The entire racing service is managed by the same team who assists the factory riders in EnduroGP. The guarantee to manage your race with confidence. In addition to logistics, access to spare parts and tools, riders will have access to MOTUL oils and lubricants. The service even includes food (snacks, fruit) and refreshments in the paddock and at the time controls with refuelling.

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RIEJU made its return to the 6 Days in Italy last year. Prior to 2021, the last time RIEJU was involved in the ISDE was 34 years ago in France in 1988, in Mende, with factory rider Franscesc Rubio on a RIEJU 80 MR PRO.
For the 2022 edition in France, the Spanish factory is once again involved at the highest level with factory rider Victor Guerrero, loyal to the brand, joined in 2022 by Pay Tomàs and Mireia Badia.

For the very first time in its history, RIEJU offered a racing service in 2021. With the experience and success of this first, in 2022 RIEJU offers you a complete assistance service with a factory level of service and the possibility of renting the brand new RIJEU MR SIXDAYS, all at competitive price.

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JOLLY Racing, the well know preparator and top enduro international team with no-less than nineteen Enduro World Champion titles will shares its skills and experience to all riders with a “mutli-brand” racing service offer.

The main difference with the factory racing services, beyond the family but yet professional atmosphere, is that riders with different motorcycle makes can be united under the same roof*.

JOLLY Racing proposes rental and complete assistance service.

*JOLLY Racing multi-brand service restrictions:
Rental possibilities excludes BETA, GasGas, Husqvarna, KTM, Rieju, Sherco and TM enduro motorcycles.
Assistance service possibilities excludes riders equipped with BETA, Rieju, Sherco and TM enduro motorcycles.

KTM offers all KTM riders a complete range of assistance services (logistics, parts, tools, etc.) provided by their experienced staff, the KTM support team, as well as the possibility of renting a KTM EXC / -F model 2023, in 2-stroke or 4-stroke, including the special edition SIXDAYS France.

The Husqvarna 6 Days Racing Service offers all Husqvarna customers a complete package (logistics, parts, tools, consumables) including access to Husqvarna race support stations, as well as the possibility to rent a HUSQVARNA 2023 TE (2-stroke) or FE (4-stroke) model.

GASGAS has been involved in the 6 Days since 2021. For 2022, step on the gas and benefit from full factory support with race assistance and bike rental. It is your turn to be ready for the competition with a GASGAS 2023 EC (2-stroke) or EC-F (4-stroke) model.

Other Racing services & Special Offers

Historical partner of the 6 Days, AIROH will be present in the ISDE paddock with a complete range of products and its racing service to assist all riders equipped with an AIROH helmet, both pro and club riders. Enjoy a factory service for the maintenance of your AIROH helmet and technical advice.

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DUNLOP, renew as Official Sponsor and launches DUNLOP GEOMAX Challenge 2022!

DUNLOP who are again an Official Sponsor of the Event, supports the Club Team Award riders who will make the choice by choosing the high quality enduro tyre product, the EN91, the ideal rubber to face the 6DAYS demanding race.

This is the very objective of the DUNLOP GEOMAX Challenge, a unique opportunity for all Club Team riders.

Free and individual registration, no constraints the only requirement is to ride with EN91 tyres to access awesome benefits:
– Special ISDE tyre package offer.
– Official Dunlop riders’ kit.
– The chance to race an additional challenge and to be part of the Official Podium Ceremony.
– Exclusive prices for the top 5 positions.

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From Tuesday 23 August to Saturday 03 September Metzeler offers the following services:

  • Sales and supply service to private and public teams of: tires, mousse, tubes, flap, gels, lever kits and tire changers
  • Fitting service (pre-race).
  • Collection and delivery service throughout the paddock every day.
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