WLPcom is offering his communication high technology system to the FIM ISDE Italia 2021.

WLP supports the Event by supplying for free a radio to each Nation’s delegate for a direct, safe and fast connection with the Race Direction. The operating efficiency has been previously tested by WLP and the organisation on the whole Event area.

All teams can benefit the WLP technology for their internal needs with guaranteed restricted and confidentiality access to the members of each team.

WLP will supply a tailor made offer, up to 50 devices / team.

WLPcom, how does it work?

  • WLPcom devices is basically a “RADIO” way of communicating (let’s say as a Walkie Talkie) without audio quality and distance limits due to suing the IOT net.
  • WLPcom communication system can, if required, combine either the “Cellular phone” function.
  • The “cellular phone” function can be, of course, allowed for EU only and/or WW countries connections.
  • The “cellular phone” function will have an additional cost depending on covering area and settled to Team measure requirement.
  • The WLPcom system can, this way, solve same time all kind of communications during the race period.

Contact: Paolo Venezia / +39 3345462456 / paolo@veneziabs.it

For more info about WLP: www.wlpcom.it