Pre-registration opened today for the 2023 FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) that will take place from 6-11 November in Argentina. For 2023 a new five-step registration system has been introduced to simplify the process of signing up to race the biggest event on the global Enduro calendar.

Step 1: 5-30 April

Each Moto Club Representative must create a profile on the Registration Platform specifying its National Federation (FMN) and the number of Club Teams to be registered.

Step 2: 1-22 May

Individual riders need to sign in on the Registration Platform and then create a profile stating their FMN, Moto Club and the Club Team Awards they wish to be eligible for.

Step 3: 23 May – 6 June

Moto Clubs will approve or decline team affiliation requests made by individual riders in order to finalise the pre-registration process.

Step 4: 7 June – 2 July

It is the stage when FMNs consider Moto Club team compositions and state any changes required which the Moto Clubs must then update.

At this point the FMNs also need to pre-register World Trophy, Junior World Trophy and Women’s World Trophy teams and must pay fifty per cent of the registration fees to the Local Organiser.

Step 5: 3 July – 31 August

The fifth and final step runs is when FMNs complete the registration process, finalising the selection of riders in World Trophy and Club Team Awards teams, and is when the remaining fifty per cent of registration fees must also be paid by FMNs to the Local Organiser.

The ninety-seventh FIM International Six Days of Enduro will be based in the valley city of San Juan, which lies to the east of the Andes Mountain range. The event HQ will be at the Circuito San Juan Villicum, which is also the venue of the South American round of the FIM Superbike World Championship.

Racing Services

Please note that only the Official Racing Services listed on the website are able to provide you with a quality service during the event.